How to Apply Press-on Nails

How do I apply Exodus Press-on Nails?

      • First, wash your hand with soap water  and clean up the artificial nails with alcohol pad ( included in the box)
      • buff your hand with the nail file (included in the box)
      • push the skins from cuticles using wooden stick ( included in the box)
      • choose the size of the article nails compares with your nails

All press-on Nails can be clipped to the shape you want.

Watch tutorial here :

2 options 

Adhesive Sticker Application ( up to 3 days)

      • peel off the first layer of the plastic back of the artificial nails
      • press the artificial nails on top and hold about 15 seconds

Nail Glue Application ( up to 2 weeks)

      • apply the glue on the artificial nails thoroughly
      • apply the glue on the conner of the natural nails
      • press and hold on up to 15 seconds.
*Best to avoid water in the first hour to let the glue settle down and last long.

What is included in the Exodus press-on box?
  • 24 press-on nails ( 12 sizes) with adhesive tabs / 20 nails (10 sizes) for hand-painted nails  ( adhesive tabs separated from nails)
  • 1 Nails glue
  • 1 Mini Nail file
  • 1 cuticle wooden stick
  • 1 Alcohol cleaning pad
Do the press-on nails reusable?
Yes, that's why we put both glue and adhesive tabs. It can reuse up to 3 times depends on the duration of the time you use. 
  • Sink the nails in warm water for 3 to 5 minutes 
  •  lift them up carefully from one side of the nails. Be Gentle.
  • Recommend to use nails-oil after removing the artificial nails.