About Us

Exodus Nails & Co. was created by a young entrepreneur who get sick of the ordinary nails’ availability in the market. She wants to offer the fashion lovers like you to the latest and high-quality press-on nails in the market with the most affordable price and the fastest shipping service within regions.Exodus press-on nails set eliminating the fear of time and  energy commitment for long nails. Therefore, We offer both glue and adhesive tabs to always reuse, remove and reapply. Our press-on Nails give you a perfect manicure within minutes and offer the full experiences of nails goals. Nothing but wishing every woman to boast their confidence with Exodus Nails and Slay as always!!!! 

"To be inspired and empowered women through press-on Nails" 

Self-love comes first & Self-love starts with Self-care.

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Giving Back

 If you purchased our nails sets, you not only just satisfying yourself but also contributing on the movement of fighting for Justice and stopping the hunger. When I started the business, making money is not only the goals. My goal is to constantly giving back to the community and make the world a better place with the equality. We have donated our  first 50% of the  first month  profit  to the movement of fighting against injustice and inhumanity; currently happening in MYANMAR. Constantly ,10 % of our  Profit  goes to Helping the needs and all the donation fund will goes directly goes to IDP camps in Kachin State.