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SOHO District 1 ( Restock)

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Your local dealer of Innovative & trendy press on nails exclusive on Exodus Nails. Exclusive nail arts are among the trends nowadays. This is a 24 nails with 12 nails size artificial nail set that can give you aesthetic looks. If you search aesthetic nails short, you might find SOHO DISTRICT 1 (RESTOCK). These portable sets of aesthetic nails come in many different colors, and this one is in the nude, which is very trendy among girls.

This nail set is packaged with a holographic box which means that if you order the nails online, they won’t get damaged on the way to delivery. If you are looking for a short press on nails, you might come with this exclusive set. It has an attractive print on it with an acrylic nail color. These fake nails come with glue to paste on your natural nails. One can press on nails short and get this exclusive set of gorgeous artificial nail sets. These are long-lasting; one does not have to worry that they will be washed up after one bath. 



Shape- Almond-shaped

Colour –  Nude french tips

Design- Glossy finished

what does it come with?

a holographic box comes with

  • 24 ABS Press-on Nails( 12 sizes) with adhesive tabs
  • A sheet of Nail Adhesive Tabs (aim for short-term use)
  • high-quality Nail glue ( up to 2 weeks)
  • Pink Mini Nail Buffer
  • Wooden Cuticle Pusher
  • Alcohol cleaning pad