Top 10 Ways To Remove Press On Nails Safely

Today the usage of press-on nails has increased significantly and it has become a very popular trend in beauty and cosmetics. Press-on nails are easy to use but they are and are extremely fashionable to flaunt getting rid of them and the post-removal process can be a little daunting and difficult. It must be done in a very careful way because our real nails may get damaged during the process. Our real nails may get split, thin or even break sometimes. The skin at the end of the nail is the cuticle where the fake press-on nails are applied. So here are the top ten ways of fake press on nail removal in a safe manner.


What is Press on Nails?

The extensions that are placed over the fingernails as a form of fashion accessory are known as artificial nails. Sometimes artificial nails attempt to mimic the look of real nails in some designs too. Some artificial nails have an artistic look too.

Many artificial nails require daily attention and upkeep, even if they last for over a month, they require a check-up after every two weeks at least. Typical manicures are relatively preferred less due to the increasing popularity of press-on nails. They are versatile in their shapes, sizes, colours, and designs. They have high durability and many advantages over typical manicures.

There are several types of artificial press-on nails like acrylic nails, gel nails, nail wraps, nail tips, dip powder etc.


Do continue nails destroy your nails?

If the nails are required off when they are not ready then they can go through noticeable changes that can lead to damage to the natural nails. Healthy nail upkeep is strictly required for press-on nails if you intend to continue to wear them.

One must understand the difference between fake nails that can be taken off and the press on nails stuck right. If a nail is not prepared ahead off then it can result in thinning the nail and can damage it by ripping the real nail surface area. If you adhere strictly to the recommended application continue nails don't destroy your real nails. A proper removal procedure too must be followed.


Tools You Will Need to Remove Press On Nails

Following are the tools that you need to have while the false nails removed-

  •         If you are using acetone, use a bowl that is not made up of plastic.
  •         Nail clippers
  •         Cuticle nippers that are specifically designed for press on nail removal.
  •         A nail file although it's optional.
  •         A nail buffers
  •         Pure acetone
  •         Liquid soap
  •         Metal pusher or an orangewood stick


Press-on nails removal with hot water

If your press-on nails have a sticky adhesive backing, one of the effective ways to loosen the adhesive is using hot water. You can soak your hand in a bowl of soapy water that is warm before removing your nails.

10 Best Ways to Remove Press-On Nails Safely

First and foremost,

  1. Usage of Cotton Balls


One must make sure that the base coat is completely soaked as it is easy to detach when it is in a soaked state. It makes it easier for the artificial nail to detach from the real nail. You can soak cotton balls in acetone and wrap them one by one around each nail with a thin foil. Acetone works wonders in this method.


  1. Usage of Nail Glue Remover


You can remove the nail glue by using the same procedure of cotton balls soaked in acetone. The glue on the natural nails can be moved by using cotton balls soaked in acetone. Apply adhesive tape to the parts of the nails that are covered with glue and leave it for 15 minutes. Once you remove the tape soak the nails in acetone so that the adhesive residue is removed. This method is considered relatively easier but can cause damage to the natural nails if not done properly.


  1. Usage of Nail Clipper


If your nails are not too thick this method can work well. You can cut off the majority of the part that is covered in glue and use can further use a nail file to remove any part that is left. The glue residue can be cleaned with an alcohol swab.


  1. Buff your nails


This is considered one of the fastest ways to remove the press-on nails. In this, you have to carefully use the nail file for making the nails even and thereby remove the excess glue.


  1. Trying a nail drill machine


You can use a drill machine for cutting the press on nails safely and more easily and this method is easier than most people think.


  1. Usage of Olive Oil


Olive oils cause less irritation to the natural nails and help immensely in removing the glue. Secure each nail with a cotton ball that is soaked in olive oil for at least 10 minutes. By using a gentle rocking motion, you can lift your artificial nails from the natural nails.


  1. Usage of Orange Stick


You can use a pair of tweezers for removing the fake nail by pulling it from the sides of your fingernails.  After that, you can use an orange stick for pushing them out of the finger. Executive glue can be removed using an alcohol swab.


  1. Usage of Soap and Water


You can use soap and water for removing the fake nails too by holding each nail in the soapy water for at least 5-10 seconds. After that, you can remove them carefully by sliding them off. The traces of the solvent can be removed using soap water.


  1. Usage of Baking Soda


Make a thick paste-like cream of baking soda and rub it in your fake nails with the help of an orange stick. Leave it for five minutes. Slide off each nail gently and remove the excess glue.


  1. Visit a Nearby Salon


If you are not sure enough that you can not go through the fake nail removal process at home by yourself then it is safer to visit a salon nearby and get the process done. Visiting a salon and seeking help from the experts regarding the fake nail removal process is always a safer and better option to choose.


Care for your nails after removing press on nails


One must do the following things for taking care of their nails after the false nails removal process-


  •         One must generally avoid applying press-on nails right after removing them.
  •         For moisturization of nails use cuticle oil daily.
  •         Make sure the rough edges of the nails are buffed.
  •         Make sure you use a top coat before applying press-on nails again.
  •         While using long artificial nails make sure you cut them short before their removal.


Once you get a hook, applying press-on nails is relatively easier. There are various press-on nail selling companies in Australia. Various press-on nails are available there. Some companies also give you a kit in which the cleaning and removal tools are available. Give a try all the steps/methods mentioned in the article for a safe fake nail removal process.  You don't have to stress over the process and worry about the results. It may seem difficult and hassle at first but it gets easier as you try to use various methods for the removal.