How Long Does it Take to Get Acrylic Nails

In the present scenario, a great way to treat oneself is to offer luxury. Itcan even be in the form of offering a trip to the salon for a new set of nails. In the everyday schedule, it has turned out to be essential that you find some “me time” and spend some time taking care of your health, personality, looks, and more. Moreover, if you want to get yourself a set of long acrylic nails then we have a well researched and in-depth answer for you.

In general, it takes around 45 minutes when you get acrylic nails at the nail salon. This typically initiates from preparing the nails to the finishing touches and everything in between. However, in some cases, the time will vary depending on your demands. Stick to this blog as it will clear a lot of your doubts regarding the use of acrylic nails, factors affecting it, durability, and how often you should take a break from them.


The Time It Takes To Get Acrylic Nails?


Never expect that you will cover a quick trip to the salon and apply the acrylics in no time, it takes time for the application. Basically, you need to find full day leisure and spend time in your desired nail salon. This way you will not lag behind in your daily work or rush yourself into some sort of problem.

First of all, your nails will be prepared by the technician, then the tips will be added to them. You need to confirm the width, shape, length and so on. Once everything is set, you will get your long acrylics and finally, you will get your desired shape.

For most professionals, it takes around 45 minutes, depending on the skill and speed of the individual, it can either consume or save a lot of your valuable time. Your requirements will also have an impact on the time factor. This comes up when you choose a more complicated nail shape like a stiletto or coffin, the technician will require additional minutes to file, buff, and shape them. If you want to stick to your style, then you can expect to spend anywhere from an hour to two hours at the salon.

Moreover, the designs of your long acrylic nails can range from simple to complex. For a simple pattern, a technician will not take long, but if you want to have complex designs like glittering or gems addition then the time will increase. The time factor also depends on the experience and expertise of your nail technician.



How much does it Cost to get Acrylic Nails?


Previously, we have made you aware of the time factor that you will most likely be spending in a nail salon. Now, the question is how much will it cost for getting your nail work done?

To be fair and square, you can expect to pay something around $40 to set a full course of acrylic nails, this comes with regular nail polish and if you wish to add gel polish to your nails, you can add $15-$20. However, you might have come across salons that list nail designs at $5. Additional cost will flexibly depend on the type of design that you select, its complicity, the decorations you need to implement, the finishing touches and more.

You may consider it up a bit pricey, but you will be paying for the materials and the utility charges for your nail technician. Most people also choose to tip their nail technicians. If you are someone that comes under this category of people then you can surely add an extra $10 to $20. Moreover, acrylics are worth your spending.


How Long Does Acrylic Nails Last?


Now it’s the time to figure out if the acrylics are worth the amount you pay and the time you invest at the salon. Well, to clear out your doubt, you can think of it in this way, a good set of acrylics can last for about 2 months and you need to attend a fill-in session at the salon every two to three weeks. That’s the answer to how long do acrylic nails last.

The growing of your nails is a natural and continuous process, that’s where a gap is formed between the base of your nail and the acrylic. The gap needs to be filled so that the acrylics will still look their best. In general, it is cheaper compared to a fill-in than a full set. You need to replace your acrylics once they become brittle or loose. In a while, you may notice air bubbles pulling away from your natural nail. If this happens then you have to head back to the salon for a new set.


Can you Get Acrylic with Short Nails?


In some cases, it has been seen that people with trouble growing their nails wonder if they can have acrylics with short nails or not. Most people prefer acrylics as they are not satisfied with the look and feel of their nails. If you want additional nail length then acrylics are a great way. You can add acrylics to your short nails.



How Often Should You Take a Break From Acrylic Nails?


Even though acrylics can make you look and feel better, they can damage natural nails. So, it is recommended that you take a break every three to six months from applying acrylic nails, especially if you are dependent on them. Taking a break is considered wise as it will help your natural nails to grow and strengthen further.

If you face a little damage you can ensure that your acrylic nails long are not applied appropriately. In case, your technician decides to buff your nail bed or cut your cuticles, you may find your nails to be much thinner after the acrylics are removed. You should instantly remove your nails if you find any problems with them during the wearing process.

If you experience that your nails start to peel off or change their look/color, then you need to take a break from acrylics until the nails get completely healed. If you witness green color near the base area then chances are even that there is fungus/infection. You need to get rid of that before applying a new set.


Final Thoughts


Getting acrylic nails can boost up your confidence, so it is vital that you are under the guidance of an expert. It’s up to you to try acrylics, if you are happy with your natural nails and don’t want to explore new designs then you can keep them away. However, if you are getting fake nails then it turns out to be essential that you choose the best nail salon near your locality, and don't run after cheap salons. Remember, it would be worth seeing your new acrylics.