On the breaking dawn of February 1st Myanmar State counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was detained by the Burmese Military, approximately 6 hours prior to the NLD party’s inauguration. Along with Suu Kyi many other authorities and members of NLD were detained later on the day. Since then, the citizens have shown disapproval of the coup by protesting from early morning to late evening, marching through the streets unarmed.On the fourth day of protest on February 9th, police forces from Nay Pyi Taw started shooting at peaceful protesters with real bullets, resulting in the death of a 19 years old Mya Thet Thet Khaing. Water cannons and tear gases were also used to disperse the peacefully protesting crowd.


Starting from February 13th, participants of Civil Disobedience Movement became the main target of the military and police to prey at night and detain them without warrants for political activism against the military. Onwards, massacres of junta terrorists took place nationwide restlessly, brutally assaulting the medics and holding gun point at unarmed civilians in broad daylight. The police forces raiding homes to loot, transpassing territories and stopping cars on the road to beat innocent civilians weren’t uncommon during March-April. 

[A photograph of police threatening a pregnant lady]

Junta terrorists were caught red handed in the act of selling organs of the protesters to China in both March and May. After the abducted were beaten to death or  fatally shot at the protest, the military usually kept the dead body to announce to the family of the deceased to take the empty corpse with 200000 kyats. On May 9th, a Burmese poet Khet Thi who actively “wrote in resistance to generals who seized power on February 1st” (Aljazeera, 2021) was detained along with his wife Chaw Suu to be investigated, but only Chaw Suu was released on that day. The next morning the military told Chaw Suu to, “meet him at the hospital in Monywa. I thought it was just for a broken arm or something … But when I arrived here, he was at the morgue and his internal organs were taken out”.


The Junta have also been exposed several times for dumping dead bodies in a city dumpster and discarding bodies in a ditch in rural areas.


Many civilians who are involved in promoting a call for international help and exposing the military on social media were abducted during midnights to be imprisoned. Those who were released later revealed that many were being assaulted, abused and poorly treated by the police beyond imagination. Injuries are usually paid unattended, hence why some people passed away due to infection or excessive blood loss.

[A teenager brutally beaten while under the custody of police]


Transgender Ma Saw Han Nwe Oo who was abducted on September 6th was reported to be brutally assaulted with various objects such as wires, pistol and hot water. Without consent her private organ was browsed by the police to confirm if she had fully transformed or not. The police also disregarded her gender and forced her to live in the male dormitory. Although she is now released and located in a liberated area, we call for the international LGBTQ community for help, due to the inhuman oppression and indiscriminate behavior of the military terrorists towards imprisoned Lgbtq members. 


Recently, Chin State became the victim of Burmese Junta’s terrorism(arson), loosing 164 homes and two Christian churches to fire outbreak caused by military regime firing five residential blocks with artillery. The fire lasted roughly about 14 hours and eventually died down after a downpour. Fortunately no civilians were hurt, since most of them have evacuated to a different place after they were attacked by fire bombs around mid-October. 

[A Child mourning over father who passed away due to police brutality]

Kachin Internal displaced Person Camp In Kachin with 532 Households under lockdown with the international support fund of only $7AUD per month/per person. Desperate need of food and urgent covid supply require for the Camp.

Source: https://www.irrawaddy.com/news/burma/idp-camp-in-myanmars-kachin-state-in-lockdown.html

If you are interested to read further details about chronological events that happened in Myanmar under the coup, please check out this Instagram page.


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As Exodus, we have donated the first month of 50% profits to the IDP Camps securely. We continue to give back 10% of the our profit and all of the fund from donation box goes directly to the most needs people  who are currently suffer Under Current Situation in Myanmar "especially to those internally displaced persons". 

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