Press-on nails are fake nails made to go over your natural nails; you have to glue the press-on nails on top of your natural nails. You can shower by pressing your nails; you can even swim; you must be careful and dry them afterwards. These press-on nails are durable; these nails can last up to two weeks without damaging your natural nails.



You can find these press-on nails in different styles, colors, designs, etc. It is straightforward to use a press on nails; more importantly, it does not harm your natural nails. Green is a unique color when it comes to coloring your nails. People don’t often choose the green color for press on a nail, but there are many benefits of using press on nails, such as: 

  • Uniqueness: Green is the most versatile color, unique for use on nails. If you want to stand out from the crowd through your appearance, then green is the color that you should choose. Many pop stars are becoming fond of green press on nails, such as Billie Eilish; green looks pretty good on nails and is unique in its ways. 
  • Contrasting: If you know about fashion and style, you must understand versatile contrasting outfits. Green is a color that goes with various establishments and gives you a stunning look. 

  • Promoting Ecosystem: If you’re at a function to enable the ecosystem and want your appearance to look perfect, you can use different shades of green nails with any attire. 


There are many advantages of using a press on nails; apart from its beauty and gorgeousness, the press on nails is very durable if you use them delicately. There are other types of fake nails, such as acrylic nails and gel nails, but most clients prefer press-on nails as your nails are much safer if you wear press-on nails instead of acrylic or gel. Some of the benefits of press on nails are: 

  • Removing Process: Removing the press-on nails is also easy, as they are plastic; you can take them off with a cuticle pusher, but these nails do not come off until you want them to.

  • Cost-effective: Using fake nails sometimes is expensive, but not with the press on nails in Australia. They are high quality; they don’t get damaged easily. They look superb, and yet they are very cheap to buy. 
  • Time-Saving: Press on nails has the easiest and simplest process to look fantastic on any occasion. If you don’t have time to visit the parlor with your busy schedule and have a function to attend, press on nails is the ultimate solution for time-saving. 


Press-on nails are available at all the local stores and eCommerce sites that sell accessories, but the price can be unreasonable. Sometimes, a customer would require a reasonable price with exceptional quality. You can buy your exclusive press on nails from Exodus Nails & Co., a company based in Australia. You can place your order directly from the official website of the company

Before doing business with any company, a client should always check vital information, such as return policy and discounts, and compare price with the quality. And Exodus Nails is a company that provides everything and has a wide range of varieties in the press on nails.


The press on nails is very much in demand nowadays, and all generations of females prefer to press on nails. You might think that green nails would cost more than other nails as the green color is unique to nails, but Green fake nails do not cost any more than other press-on nails. You can find them at a reasonable price with a wide range of designs and styles. Sometimes the press on nails cost according to their design or durability, so if you want to wear them for just a single function, you can buy them according to your budget. But Exodus Nails & Co. is a budget-oriented company where you can buy all kinds of green nails. 

Green press on nails is a popular trend in the nail industry. You can scroll on any social media platform and see the hashtags green press on nails or green fake nails. These green nails don’t just look amazing, but they look unique also. You can wear green nails in any season without worrying about your look. Therefore, why shouldn’t we go green when green does look amazing?