Best Alternatives to Acrylics Nails That are Safer & Better

For most people, acrylic nails are great as they can have long elegant nails and sustain for a longer duration without peeling and chipping. However, there are available negatives to acrylic nails.

Those are –

  •         Expensive
  •         Tedious to Apply
  •         Use Of Harsh Chemicals
  •         Not suitable for people with weak nails or configuration.

These drawbacks are the reason why individuals are turning their back on acrylics. However, the positive thing is the availability of substitutes for acrylic nails. So, in this blog, we are going to discuss those nail types that may replace acrylic nails in the near future.

The Best Alternatives & Substitutes to Acrylic Nails –

  •         Gel Nail Extensions
  •         Press on Nails
  •         Dip Powder
  •         Gel Nail Polish
  •         Nail Stickers


Gel Nail Extensions and its Differences, Pros & Cons

In comparison with acrylic nails, gel extensions lead with great points. This is because of the fact that gel extensions are easier to be applied and are durable. Moreover, they look better than acrylics due to their more natural light and impressive tone.

Pros of Gel Extensions –

When it comes to natural nails, gel extensions are much healthier and lighter. In case you have weaker or brittle nails, gel extensions could be a great option. A few of the reasons why gel extensions are safer –

  •         The utilization of fewer chemicals than that of acrylic –


It has been reported that acrylic nails use toluene and methyl methacrylate, which can really damage the natural nails.




  •         Gel extensions are lighter towards the tips –

In comparison with acrylics, gel extension puts less pressure on the nail bed and thereby you feel lighter.

  •         No harmful odors and fumes on application –


Like Acrylics, these are not notorious for producing pungent fumes.


  •         Quicker to Apply –


Gel extensions are easy to apply and save you a lot of time. You don’t have to visit a salon as you can do it all by yourself.


  •         No Complex Procedure –


The builder gel for gel extension comes ready to use and you can apply it with much ease.Whereas, in acrylics, you have to make sure that the powder is properly mixed in the liquid and that too in the recommended ratio.


  •         Very Durable –


Gel extensions won’t lift and fade easily, they are extremely long-lasting and durable. In general, there are two kinds of gels used -


Soft gel tips and Hard gel (builder gels)


Soft gel tips hardly last for 3 weeks and Hard Gel lasts for around 4 weeks.


  •         Easier To Remove –


When you use soft gel tips, you don’t need to use an electric file to remove it afterwards. You can simply use acetone to take them off, just soak your fingernails for a few minutes and it will be off.


Whereas, in the case of hard gels, you will need an electric nail file to remove them. Moreover, it is recommended that if you are using hard gels, then you must pay a visit to a nearby salon or nail tech expert for the removal of your nails.


  •         Flexible & Feels Natural –


Gel extensions make you feel more natural and that’s because they are light in weight. They come with good flexibility and thereby bend easily without breaking, this increases their durability.

Drawbacks of Gel Extensions –

  •         They Are Costly –


Acrylics are cheaper compared to gel extensions. However, if you are looking for features/specifications then they are worth paying an extra dollar.


  •         Requires the Use of a UV or LED Lamp –


For your information, UV gels are used in gel extensions and either a LED lamp or UV lamp is used to harden the gel. It might show adverse effects.


Most individuals prefer soft gels over hard ones. The soft gel tips are equally elegant as hard gels and they give you a more natural feel. Soft nails are better and are easier to remove.


Press-On-Nails and its Pros & Cons

Press-On Nails are fake nails that can directly be applied to your nails using adhesive or nail glue. These nails stay light on your natural nails and you can have an amazing and designed manicure.


Pros of Press on Nails –

  •         Quick & Easy Application –


It takes 10 minutes to apply the nails, which indicates that you can put them on your own from the comfort of your house.


  •         Limited Use Of Chemicals –


Nail glue is enough to apply Press on Nails, however, a few of the brands have their built-in adhesive.


  •         Affordable –


Press on Nails is much cheaper than gel extensions and acrylics.


  •         Easy to Remove –


In order to remove press on nails, you simply need to soak your fingernails in acetone forabout 2-3 minutes, depending on the concentration and then peel them off.



Cons of Press on Nails –

One of the highlighting problems of Press on Nails is that they are not as durable. Both gel extensions and acrylics last long. Moreover, if you don’t take precautions, then your press-on nails can pop off prematurely. For reference, you need to clean them before applying.

If you have followed the instructions correctly then Press on Nails will last around 2 weeks.


Dip Powder and its Pros & Cons

Dip Powder is a manicure system that you can consider as an alternative to gel extensions and acrylic nails. The principle of the dip Powder system is to dip your fingernails in a very fine coloured powder and then apply a sealing factor to hold it off. These are preferred for simple manicures, but you can also use them to create nail extensions by using nail tips. You can not use dip powder with nail forms.


Pros of Dip Powder

  •         Quick & Easy to Apply –


Due to its simplicity, you can easily apply dip powder right at home. Moreover, you can also save a lot of time in comparison to the acrylic application. Even if the principles remain similar, each brand will have something different, you can either stick to one or can try something different each time.


  •         Restrictions Over The Use Of Harsh Chemicals Like Acrylics –


As dip powder doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, they are better for your nail health. Moreover, a few of the brands add vitamins and calcium to the dip powder to help promote stronger nail growth.


  •         Odorless –


Most of the dip powder is odorless and doesn’t give off any pungent fumes.


  •         Durable In Nature –


Dip powder is widely known for its durable manicures and that won’t peel off that easily. Depending on the brand, it may last up to 2-4 weeks.


  •         Doesn’t Require a UV lamp –


There is no involvement of LED lamps or UV light in the case of dip powder. It completely relies on a sealant to cure and harden the application.



Drawbacks of Dip Powder –

  •         Costly –


Compared to both acrylic and gel nails, dip powder is more costly.


  •         Not Easy To Remove –


In order to remove dip powder, you need at least 15-20 minutes. You have to dip and soak your fingernails in pure acetone which can eventually dry out your nail plate and cuticle.


  •         Heavier than Gel Nails –

During the application process, you need to put multiple layers of powder to make your manicure look thick and bulky, especially when compared to gel nails.

However, this is not the case with every brand out there. Some premium brands use less powder to obtain full opacity that allows the nails to feel light and natural.

  •         Application Can Potentially be Unhygienic –


Some cheap salons might use the same jar to dip everyone’s nails inside. This is not a healthy practice and can eventually lead to infections. This is why it is recommended to use a clean jar each time you visit for your nail work.


Gel Nail Polishes

If you are looking for substitutes then gel nail polish would be great. They're not just durable, but also give your nails a premium look. Moreover, they are gentler on your nails, cheaper, and easier to apply.

You can also use gel polishes to add nail extension by using nail tips but it won’t be that durable, even if you use a builder gel.Gel Polishes are similar to regular nail polishes, but they are more durable and are cured under LED or UV lamps. They can last for 3 weeks without chipping and peeling.


Nail Stickers –

Nail Stickers also called polish strips or nail wraps are a special type of stickers designed to be pasted on your nails. If you are fond of the artwork on your nails, then these could be amazing. Moreover, you don’t have to spend much and can apply them from the comfort of your house.


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