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Sky & sea

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Your local dealer of Innovative & trendy press on nails exclusive in Exodus. The exclusive set of ballerina nails is much in demand. The nail design depicts the sky & sea with blue and light brown and other natural colors. One can wear these nails at beach venue weddings as well. These are XXL long coffin ballerina shaped nails. It has a glossy finishing that makes it shiny and reflects the sea print perfectly.

This amazing set of ballerina acrylic nails also contains high-quality nail glue and a holographic box with pink mini nail buffer that keeps it from getting a break or scratched. The 24 ABS short press on nails set also includes an alcohol cleaning pad, a sheet of Nails Double-sided adhesive Stickers (up to 2 days), and a wooden cuticle pusher to adjust the nails. If anybody buys them separately in-store then it would cost more than 18 dollars but in this offer, all of the benefits are included. This whole set of sky & sea nails only costs 18 dollars.


Shape- XXL Long Coffin/ Ballerina

Colour – Blue, Natural

Design-  Glossy finished

 What does it come with?

A holographic box comes with

  • 24 ABS Press-on Nails( 12 sizes) with adhesive tabs
  • A sheet of Nail Adhesive Tabs (aim for short-term use)
  • high-quality Nail glue ( up to 2 weeks)
  • Pink Mini Nail Buffer
  • Wooden Cuticle Pusher
  • Alcohol cleaning pad

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