Why Press-on Nails? |

Here are  the 3 reasons Why press-on nails r your nails besties

    1. The biggest benefit of a press-on is that  it has major  advantage of the Nails health compare to gels, polish and acrylic ( Allure,2020). Press-on nails are a lot safer, less-damaging and less harmful to ur natural nails. Press on nails also practice good nails hygiene by regularly exchanging the press-on nails.
    2. Second reason  being convenience  as you can easily take it on and take it off.Press-on nails comes with different shapes, length  and designs . on top of that u can also customise it on ur own preference. Not to mention you can always reuse the nails.
    3. And The final reason being  Time advantage “ of using press-on nails.  No time commitment is required for your nails as it can take off at your own comfort.Means  you can wear it for the short terms.So, its perfect for the weekends events and last minutes glam up. Thats also the major reason why the celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Ariana grande and black pink prefer press-on nails.

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