How to apply the Press-on Nails 101

How do I apply Exodus Press-on Nails?

      • First, wash your hand with soap water  and clean up the artificial nails with alcohol pad ( included in the box)
      • buff your hand with the nail file (included in the box)
      • push the skins from cuticles using wooden stick ( included in the box)
      • choose the size of the article nails compares with your nails

how much are acrylic nails

All press-on Nails can be clipped to the shape you want.

2 options 

Adhesive Sticker Application ( up to 3 days)

      • peel off the first layer of the plastic back of the artificial nails
      • press the artificial nails on top and hold about 15 seconds

Nail Glue Application ( up to 2 weeks)

      • apply the glue on the artificial nails thoroughly
      • apply the glue on the conner of the natural nails
      • press and hold on up to 15 seconds.
What is included in the Exodus press-on box?
  • 24 press-on nails ( 12 sizes) with adhesive tabs / 20 nails (10 sizes) for hand-painted nails  ( adhesive tabs separated from nails)
  • 1 Nails glue
  • 1 Mini Nail file
  • 1 cuticle wooden stick
  • 1 Alcohol cleaning pad
*Best to avoid water in the first hour to let the glue settle down and last long.
All the Exodus Nails box comes with the Essential nails preps you need to manicure can get from $16 per set.