What are Nail Wraps?

Glamour means nothing until someone lives in them. One such trend from the glamour world comes in the form of nail wraps; these have been around for a while now. To be precise, nail wraps fix broken or torn nails. It used to be a widely known beauty-enhancing formula back in the 80s. The nail wraps were made of thin materials like silk or coffee filters. Nail technicians layer the wrap over the natural nail, apply resin and nail paint and shape it as per the customer’s instructions.

Compared to acrylic, nail wrap is considered a healthier option; these are more bendable and softer on the natural nail. Currently, you can find several nail products under “nail wraps.” These include fiberglass nail wraps, linen nail wraps, silk nail wraps, and other materials. There are also nail polish stickers and gel wraps, but they fall under different categories.


What are Nail Polish Wraps?

The only difference between the nail stickers and nail polish wraps is the availability of solid designs/colors. A typical set of nail polish wrap comes in numerous sizes, so you can be comfortable picking the right size for each nail.


What are Gel Nail Wraps?

In general, when people discuss gel nail wrap, they typically mean two things. First, they represent a regular pedicure or gel manicure that is universal. This form of manicure demands the usage of UV light to harden and set the gel, and it lasts for around 2-3 weeks.


This is a popular method as you don’t have to wait to dry your nails. Moreover, everyone loves the glittering, shiny, and glossy gel look. But, there is a demerit: you may damage your nails during removal.

The other option is a gel nail polish that you can directly apply to the sticker. Generally, these come in an ultra-shiny or matte finish, and these are meant for professionals who deal with higher quality products to maintain their status.



What are Nail Decals?

If you can recall, these nail decals are similar to those water transfer decals you used to apply during childhood. These are nail art stickers with no back adhesive; they come with special paper. It is recommended to have a base coat before the application of these professional nail decals. You need to expose these decals for a few seconds to water and then transfer them to the polished nail using a pair of tweezers. Don’t forget to top it with a coating; this will protect the design.

What are Nail Stickers?

In case you want to bring a change to your nail routine but don’t want to mess around with press-on nails or nail wraps, then these nail stickers are what you are looking for.

As the name narrates the tale, these are designer stickers you need to apply to your polished nails. These have an adhesive back, and you can directly place them on your nails. They come in several sizes, so be specific with the appropriate length.

How to Apply Nail Wraps and Nail Stickers?

If you are new to nail wraps and stickers, don’t worry; these are easy to apply. They have adhesive at the back; you must peel it off and use it. But, make sure to properly get your nails done before the application as per instructions. Now you can match both the nail sticker and nail bed. Now apply a buffer to file off the excess sticker. To make it last longer, you can also apply a top coat. If you are used to nail art stickers, directly put them on an already prepped and polished nail.