Do Press On Nails Affect Your Natural Nails

These days most people, especially girls and women, are putting more effort into enhancing their external beauty. In this run, artificial nails are taking over the market space. But, when it comes to art, people do take a step back. It has been reported that using fake nails is no less than a horror story for most women. They even mentioned that everything was right until they decided to remove those fake nails. They were left with ugly and brittle nails which eventually forced them to turn back to use those fake nails again. No doubt, fake nails seem gorgeous but they do have side effects.

What are Press On Nails?

Chances are even that you might have heard of press on nails Australia before or have used them, however, the memory lane might take you to those old school days when you visit an outlet/drugstore after-school to purchase those press-on nails. Those were the days when these nails used to be cheap and tacky.

Now the time has changed. The introduction of fake acrylic resin nails is quite similar to the ones applied in the salon but are easier to apply, less permanent, and better for your real nails. If you are using them then they can look as good as or even better than acrylics and that too without the salon price tag.

If you are looking for quality press on nails we will advise you to purchase them from a reputable company that specializes in the manufacturing of these nails. These companies are well versed with the technology and create high-quality and durable press on nails that suits all kinds of styles.

Do Press On Nails Really Affect Natural Nails?

Your previous encounter with fake nails may or may not be a good one, but one thing is for sure, you don’t have to worry about damaging your natural nails and too just by wearing the fake nails.

The fact that most people will agree with is that outer beauty does not resemble the inner one. So, here the good news is that the press on nails will not ruin your real almond-shaped nails. At ExodusNails and Co. we understand your demand, especially if you need help to overcome your experience with fake nails. Our press-on nails use a bit of nail glue (if required) and are much easy to set on your real nails and that too without damaging them.

Ways to Apply Press On Nails Properly

Every time you want to try out something new, get the necessary details beforehand. Nothing matters more than your natural beauty. Applying press on nails can turn out to be easy if you know the process of application. There is no absolute need to visit a salon and try out different chemicals, you can get your nails fixed in a matter of time. Below mentioned a few of the general tips to properly apply press-on nails.


  •         Always remember to start with washing your hands and removing the applied polish or adhesive. Get yourself a mini home-based manicure by pushing back your cuticles, trim your nails, trim any excess skin around your nail beds, or buff them. You can also apply a clear base coat to keep a bridge between the real and fake nails.
  •         Be confident with your adhesive or else try out a nail glue, you better know what you are used to. Before applying, you can put nail glue on the fake nail, this way it will last for a week.

  •         Always go with the best coffin nails you have in your nail kit. Each of your fingernails will be different so pull out the ones you think will work the best for you. Keep them in order and don’t get confused.
  •         Peel off the adhesive, and apply a bit of glue (if required) to both the real and fake nails. Keep a proper alignment while placing the fake nails. Give a gentle press for about 30 seconds and ensure that a strong bond has been established.
  •         Once you ensure that all of your nails are placed in their place, apply a top hardener coat, this will give them more seal and shine.

Steps To Remove Press On Nails Safely –

It’s true that you have to take measures towards keeping your real nails safe, however, you must be well aware of the fact that the removal process is equally important. You can easily damage your real nails with harsh or rough treatment. Thankfully, that is not a thing to worry about. Here are a few tips that you can follow to remove your press-on nails.

  •         Acetone –


You need to start the process by soaking your fingers in acetone and wiggling the nails. This will loosen the glue and later on, you can easily pull the nails without any resistance.


  •         Acetone-free nail polish remover –


For most women, acetone is not a good option. In that case, they can look out for acetone-free nail polish remover. These removers contain less harsh chemicals compared to the acetone-based removers. Unlike acetone, you can now place your fingers for a long time. Consider this as an effective alternative to acetone as you can avoid the negative effects.


  •         Warm water –


Now take some lukewarm water with a bit of soap and place your fingers for about 20 minutes. While soaking, move your nails back and forth, this may cause the glue to start to dissolve and you can remove the press-on nails. Make sure that the water remains warm throughout the procedure, this will effectively do the work while protecting your natural nails.

  •         Cuticle oil –

Take some cotton balls and apply a few drops of cuticle oil to them. Now gently slide it through your press-on nails in such a manner that there would be negligible friction. Focus on the side lines/edges so that oil can get beneath the upper nail. You can also position your oil-soaked cotton ball against your nails with the help of aluminium foil or normal tape. After five minutes the glue will start to loosen up and you can remove the press-on nails.

Tips For Better Nail Care –
  •         Religiously apply cuticle oil to your fingers and moisturizer to your hands. Make sure that they include Vitamin E, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and olive oil.
  •         Never try to pull your cuticles, try to trim them out.
  •         When your ballerina nails need to breathe, instead of applying tons of polish, prefer to buff your nails. If you want to apply polish then make sure that they are Sulfate and paraben-free.
  •         Try not to overdo things. Keep it clean and simple.
  •         It is highly recommended to drink a half-gallon of water per day, this will keep your nails strong, healthy, and nourished.
  •         Avoid acetone as it can dry your natural nails. Try using acetone-free nail removers.
  •         Never try to pick off the fake nails or even regular nail polish, always soak them and then remove them properly.


Yes, it’s true that fake nails, like acrylics, can cause tons of damage and you might to forced to use them on regular basis. Unlike fake nails, pressing on nails does not harm your natural nails. Always prefer a specialized brand partner for your press-on nails. If you are looking for nail supplies Australia from a committed brand, then we at Exodus Nails & Co. can help you obtain beautiful and healthy nails.