A Complete Guide To The Press On Nails

Nowadays, different kinds of nail designs and nail art are trendy and young girls have a craze for long beautiful nails. Adorning your nails with beautiful colours and glitter makes your heart smile. Press-on nails are artificial Fake Nails  (also known as stick-on nails) that are made to go over your natural nails, you have to glue the press-on nails on top of your natural nails. These press-on nails are designed to look effortlessly phenomenal. You can find these nails in different styles, colours, designs, etc. at Nails Exodus & Co.  

press on nails

What Material Do Press on Nails Consist Of? 

Press on nails also known as glue on nails is very popular these days. Nonetheless, it has carved a place in the era of glamour. Press-on nails consist of many different kinds of materials such as powder and liquid monomers and polymers are mixed to form putty-like ‘beads’ that are then painted and shaped onto your nails with a brush and air dryer. The prime material to be contained in the press on nails is acrylic plastic. There are two methods for making this Acrylic plastic, first one is with a plastic tip to look naturally connected with your nail, and the second, it is given form for shaping. 

Where Can You Buy Nail Supplies?

Press on nails is widely used across the world and there are different e-commerce sites and conventional stores selling these items. But you need to find a trustworthy brand that provides high-quality press-on nails since low-quality fake nails can always damage your natural nails and skin. Exodus Nails & Co. is an acceptable e-commerce store in Australia that specialises in nail supplies. Nail conditions can also serve as a ground for judgement of your nail health along with your personality and hygiene levels. Using poor artificial products on your nail can neglect the health of the natural nails. The press on nails in Nails Exodus & Co. comes with a complete nail kit, that contains a holographic box with nail glue, nail buffer, cuticle pusher, alcohol pad, and certainly versatile designs of nails.


How to Apply Press-On Nails?

The holographic box that contains press on nails au can help you apply and remove your fake nails easily. Each of the items is useful in the box. Firstly, you need to clean your hands and nails before applying the press on nails and wash them thoroughly. If the dirt and oil are cleared from your hands, you can start applying glue to your nails. The glue should be applied according to its lasting and durability, if you want the nails just for a week, then a few drops of glue will do it. 

Then find the wishful design, there are numerous shapes and styles of nails that you can check. For an even more perfect match, fill the slides of your press on nails to fit your nail beds. If you want long-lasting nails, then it is advised to opt for shorter nails, such as a coffin, stiletto, almond-shaped nails, etc. After pasting your nails, you can paint them if you are opting for plain press on nails, or you can brush a stroke of clear nail polish to make your press ons shinier. 

Is Press On Nails Safe?

These press-ons do not harm your real nails or skin and more importantly, they are very easy to remove. Press on nails is in fact a healthier alternative to acrylics. Press on nails do not require any sort of filing, and there is no odour or dust during application. There can be damage to your natural nails only when you roughly remove the press on. But with the help of a cuticle pusher and alcohol pad, you can remove your nails easily. Your natural nails are much safer under press on nails than acrylics or gel nails. 

press on nails

Designing and making art on nails is kind of the vibe nowadays, if you are going to a party, summertime balls, get-togethers, date, or any important occasion, the beautiful coloured designed nails add a charm to your look. People start gazing at the beauty of your attire. So, why doesn't it match the vibe? Why don't they get trendy when it is affordable? There are other types of fake nails also, such as acrylic nails and gel nails but most of the clients prefer to press-on nails as your nails are much safer if you wear press-on nails instead of acrylic or gel. You can find these nails in different styles, colours, designs, etc. 

It is very easy to use a press on nails and more importantly, it does not harm your natural nails at all removing the press-on nails is also an easy process but these nails do not come off until you want them to. You can shower by putting a press on your nails, you can even swim, you just have to be a little careful and dry them afterwards. These press-on nails are very durable, these nails can last up to two weeks without damaging your natural nails.