5 Things You Should Know About Ballerina-Shaped Nails

Is Ballerina Shaped Nails and Artificial Nails the Same?

The main difference between the Ballerina shaped nails and the Artificial nails is that ballerina nails get an inwards nail file and the artificial nails have a round shape at the edges then into a square. 

The celebrity Kylie Jenner started the trend of Ballerina's nails which are stiletto nails but with a square instead of a pointy tip. They are known as ballerina's nails as they have the shape of a ballerina slipper.

Now when we talk about artificial nails they are more in the shape of a coffin as they have curved edges which are similar to almonds but they do have a squared-off tip.

How much do Ballerina Nails cost?

Now the price of these nails varies depending on several factors, if you wanna get it done at home then it's approx $6 and if you wanna include the nail supplies then it will be around $20. In case you want a professional service from a nail artist then you can expect the cost to be around $35 and $60. Now the reason why these prices vary so much is that they depend on different plans like the following:

  • DIY Pricing Factors: Now when it comes to your hand manicure in a parlour then obviously the cost will be much higher, so the best solution for this will be doing your manicure at home which will basically cost you nothing, and then you can get your nails done by a professional also. 
  • Salon Pricing Factors: When you decide to get your nails done through a nail salon then you have to keep in mind that each nail salon has different-different prices as it depends on their services and the type of plans they have for the ballerina nail art. 

How is Ballerina Nails Applied?

Now, if you getting your ballerina nails applied by a nail artist then they will first glue those nails and then will ask you about how much length of the nails you want, and then they will cut them down accordingly. Then the technician will shape those nails and file them into the ballerina nail shape. After this whole thing when you will be satisfied then they will move on to the designing and colouring of those nails. You will get to choose which design and which colour you will want and then the nail artist will start doing the same nail art that you suggested.

How long do Ballerina Nails Last?

These acrylic or artificial nails are made from a combo of liquid monomer and powder polymer, which is then applied to your natural nails and filled into the preferred nail shape that you want. These nails are very durable and can last up to 6-8weeks or even months if you look after them with extreme care. If you want them to last longer then you have to make sure that you are cleaning and trimming them and avoiding harsh chemicals which can provide damage to your nails. You can also give a visit to your nail artist and then they can provide your nails with professional treatment which will keep those nails healthy and durable.

Ballerina Shaped Nails

Aftercare Tips for Artificial Nails.

If you want your artificial nails to live longer then follow the following aftercare tips for better results:

  • Wash your hands with warm water and soap, this will remove the traces of chemicals which can damage your nails.
  • Apply cuticle oil to your nails and massage them smoothly. This will keep your cuticles soft and hydrated.
  • Treat your nails with a nail mask i.e. you have to leave your nails soaking in nutrients for about 10-15minutes.
  • Use a base coat before applying any nail polish and also after applying the nail polish.