5 Famous Celebrities Known For Their Nails

As per the current scenario, one of the most versatile and unique ways to showcase your personality to the world is through designing and painting your fingernails. Over the years, we have seen celebrities getting into this trend and getting their nails done. Among those, they could be as simple as a colored French to as complex as long 3-inch acrylic with rhinestones and charms. Below is the list of five celebrities who are known for their celebrities nail works.

Who is Known for Their Nails?


There is no doubt that celebrities set the trend, and people follow them, regardless of what they have to go through. Once any celebrity posts on social media, people will go crazy, and the next moment they will be right outside the salon to replicate the nail design. A few social media platforms create tutorials for people who want to learn to make those designs.

However, not every celebrity succeeded in influencing people with her nail designs; there are five who stood out from the rest. Now it's your turn to take a glance at those influential celebrities.

5 Celebrities Known for Their Nails –

People love to have choices and go crazy when they start following their ideal celebrity. Here are the famous people nails.

Kylie Jenner – 

Hollywood celebrity Kylie Jenner has over 272 million Instagram followers on her main account. She also has an account that is dedicated to nail designs which are followed by thousands of people. There is no surprise that people are going berserk to try out her nail designs. It's not just that she influences millions, but her nail designs are attractive too. She even has her famous cosmetics line, Kylie Cosmetics, which uses vegan ingredients and helps you easily copy her look.


It's not a secret that Kylie values the look of her nails and spends a lot of time maintaining them. She became in the spotlight recently as her nails could indicate her most recent pregnancy. Kylie Jenner claw nails, water droplets, birthday nails, classic umber nails, and paisley neutral are some of her most popular nail designs.


  • Gigi Hadid –


She isn't a person who needs an introduction; with 70+ million followers on Instagram, Gigi is not only influencing people on what to wear on the catwalk, but she also shares her beauty secrets. Over the years, she worked with numerous famous faces from the nail designing industry and started the trend for 3D nails. If you remember, she came in the news for her $2,000 chrome nails from the 2016 Met Gala.

Another instance would be from her 2021 birthday when she modified her French manicure, and people could easily replicate those with varying colors of their choice. In the year 2021, both Gigi and her sister Bella tried changing the trend for French manicures and succeeded. Her fruit prints by Mei Kawajiri also caught up with the movement.

  • CardiB –


The "Up" and "WAP" singer is famous for her lyrics, lifestyle, clothing, and nail designs. They're sultry, long, cat-claw nails that are brightly colored most of the time and bedazzled with rhinestones and other 3D definitions.


When celebrities try out different nail technicians, Cardi B preferred to stick with Jenny Bui, known for her flashy nail designs. Bui's designs are popular and have created a line of press-on nails that can easily be prepared at home.


  • Lizzo –


Lizzo has achieved the feat where people know her because of her unique and attractive nail designs. lizzo gold french manicure and rhinestone nails, designed by EriIshizu, are pretty popular. After her AMA performance, people went ahead and started to bedazzle their nails; this way, they justified their support for her. A few of her other popular designs are lizzo rose quartz nails on a claw-shaped pin and Greek-inspired golden press-on.



  • Billie Eilish –


She is not just famous for her music and dance moves but also for her acrylics and designs. Throughout all her dance moves and performances, Billie wears long acrylic nails. You can scroll through her performance videos, and there she would be with her fabulous nails to wander the audience. She is no stranger to 3D nails; her 2020 Oscars appearance with Gucci nails made it into the news. She had a set of black acrylic coffin nails with a simple crystal accent.



Does Celebrities Do Gel Nails?

The difference between an ordinary man and a celebrity is the glamorous world, or they are the same as us—most celebrities who are known for their nail designs use acrylics or gel nails. The nail types' benefits are different and can then be narrowed down to personal preference.

Acrylic Vs. Gel –

  • Acrylics use powdered polymer for the shape, whereas gel uses three coats of a liquid monomer.
  • In acrylics, you don't have to remove and reapply the nail base every time; you can fill in the growth if the nail is still strong, whereas, in the case of gels, you need to remove and reapply the nail base every time.
  • With acrylics, you can personalize as per your wish, whereas you get limited color options in the case of gels.
  • Acrylics take less time to get the shape, whereas gels take longer to set form. Most of the time, you have to place your nails under UV rays to fix them.
  • Acrylics need through the polish to look natural, whereas gels are used for a natural look and on shorter nails.
  • Compared to acrylics, gels are less damaging to the nailbed.
  • In acrylics, the removal involves the nails being soaked in acetone, whereas gels need to be filed down after acetone treatment to aid with removal.
  • Acrylics must be maintained every two to three weeks, whereas gels can last over a month with proper care.

What are the Most Popular Celebrity Nail Designs?

Over the years, celebrities got the privilege to determine the trend and influence our nails should be. From chipped nail style Vanessa Hudgens to trying out 100 designs by Kylie Jenner, people follow the likes of their stars, and people love to try out what their ideal celebrities wear.

Remember that nail designers usually come up with the look, not the celebrities themselves. Celebrities make the designs even more famous. Based on the work, nail artists are also gaining much-deserved fame. A few of the well-known celebrity nail artists are –

  • New York-based Jenny Bui, otherwise known as "The Queen of Bling." She has two salons in the Bronx and Harlem.
  • EriIshizu is famous for her designs on Jennifer Lopez and Lizzo.
  • Mei Kawajirihas worked for Kaia Gerber and Gigi Hadid. She will cost you about $150 for a 90-minute session, depending on the details you put on.
  • The famous Britney Tokyo from Los Angeles is known for her works on Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and Hailey Baldwin.

French Manicure –

French manicure is considered one of the most celebrity nail designs used today and over the past few decades. Significant changes are taking place over time depending on the nail designer and the occasion. The new introduction to the traditional French manicure methodologies is –

  • Maria Bakalova's 2021 Oscar look, where she used them at the tips in place of white tips.
  • Zazie Beetz's fashioned with black pointed tips instead of a straight white line.
  • Kaia Gerber's multi-colored almond-shaped curve rather than a linear direction.
  • Carey Mulligan's reverse gold stripe French manicure along the cuticle line.
  • Millie Bobby Brown's almond-shaped French tip has a gem at the base of her cuticle.
Solid Color Base With Accessories –

The following line of events is the most celebrity nail design that everyone is wearing nowadays, the solid color base with or without accessories. The best part about these bases is that they never go out of style. Some of the most popular color trends seen with solid color bases are as follows –

  • Metallic and chrome nails as seen on Bella Thorne, Meghan Trainor, Kylie Jenner, and Rihanna.
  • Neon nails as seen on Rihanna and Selena Gomez.
  • Nude-colored nails as seen on James Charles, Vanessa Morgan, Kylie Jenner, and Billie Eilish.


Alongside solid bases, many celebrities and nail designers have added rhinestones and stickers to the nails, irrespective of their size. The stickers create more consistency and are much easier to use on nails. A few of the well-known designs using rhinestones, gems, and stickers are –

  • Demi Lovato's American tip with butterfly stickered nails.
  • Kylie Jenner's connected heart rhinestone nails.
  • Cardi B's colored rhinestones with hot pink nails.
  • Kim Kardashian's 3D candy hearts on pastel pink nails.

Conclusion –

Whether you want celebrity nails 2022, it is practical to use gel nails or acrylics; the fact will ultimately depend on you. Nail art enhances the personality; gel nails are easier to use, while others feel comfortable with acrylics. Following certain celebrities like Kylie Jenner will ensure you will always be with the trend. You can learn more about nail works from your Nail tech. Or by doing some online research.